Happy 2014 to all my friends and family xxx

We have had a wonderful time in Canberra staying at my brother-in-laws house.  We parked out the front, so we were able to use the house and all it’s wonderful facilities (things you miss while travelling including electricity, hot water, wifi etc). Thanks Victor for having us for nearly two weeks, we really appreciate your hospitality!


We overtook the driveway but it was lovely and flat

It was fantastic to catch up with my niece Rachel and my sister Deb, who came for just over a week (she lives in Auckland).  We had a crazy Christmas Eve, with a little bit too much wine (by me) and lots of dancing to 80’s music!  Christmas day was lots of fun (even with a hang-over) and Deb cooked up lots of great dishes.


yum yum yum


My contribution was a good ol’ Pav!

Even though we had lots of R&R time, we also had fun at Questacon…


Rory loved placing a lightweight scarf into the tubes and watching the scarves go crazy through all the pipes to finally be spit out up high and floating to the ground


Me and Jakayla blinded by the blue tunnel


Victor trying to beat the robot in air hockey. Robot won.


Rory having a ball in the young kids section. He loved that he could play and touch EVERYTHING!

and The Mint…


Rory was in heaven!

Rory and Jakayla also had an awesome time playing with Nick’s old lego, they played at least a couple of hours per day…


Victor and Rachel will be finding lego pieces everywhere for the next few months!

Wayne and Victor were very busy for a few days building a pergola over the back courtyard.  Well done boys with all your hard work!


Hard at work in the Canberra sunshine.

New Years Eve was spent at Lake Burley Griffin along the foreshore waiting for the firecrackers at 9pm.  It was freezing!!!!  I had pre-cooked some chicken and potato salad and we huddled under blankets waiting for the crackers to light up the night sky.


It was freezing lol


Although i missed taking any photos of the fireworks, we had a lovely sunset

All up we stayed for 12 sleeps and had a wonderful time, thanks everyone!!!

Next stop is Tumut and the Snowy Mountains.


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  1. Great to see what your all up to. Some really great pics, will look forward to catching up with you all soon. As a busy pest killer a weekend would give us more time together. And if you wanted a trip to our local Costco to stock up if needed

  2. Hi there 🙂 We’re the family who we’re driving behind you before you turned off to Bombala. We’re very jealous of your amazing trip and we’re hoping we’ll be able to do the same in the future 🙂 Safe travels

    • Thanks so much guys! Yes we remember you driving behind us, i waved at our turn off as you guys followed for quite a while. Hope our big white box offered some wind breaks LOL 🙂 Keep in touch 🙂