From Lake Macquarie to Carcoar Dam

On Sunday 8 December, we had a few friends join us at the local park for some goodbye drinks.   Thank you to everyone who came down including Alarna, Peta, Lisa, Jase, Suzy, Mel, Josh and all the kids.  (click on any photo to enlarge).


Me and Peta


Me and Lisa


Me and Alarna


Ben, Rory, Sam and Isaac

    Crazy Suzy, Jase and me

Crazy Suzy, Jase and me

 We left the home comfort of Lake Macquarie on 10 December right after the kid’s school presentation.  Jakayla has now graduated from Year 3 and Rory has finished Kindergarten.  Rory also won an ‘Academic Excellence’ award.  We are so proud of both the kids.

j grad

Jakayla graduates!

Rory and his graduation certificate

Rory and his graduation certificate

We said goodbye to my boss Marilynne who was very kind to let us stay outside her house for a few days and use her electricity and shower!

    The kids with Taj the puppy

The kids with Taj the puppy

We also said our goodbyes to Sam, Max & Mia (who will hopefully meet up with us in Darwin next year).


Mia, Jakayla, Max and Rory

We then drove straight to my Mum and Dad’s house and spent a couple of hours with them before a teary goodbye.  We then headed to a park in Budgewoi and the kids played while we cooked a bbq.


The next day we went to the Central Coast where we stayed in a caravan park in Avoca Beach.  It was a lovely park with lots of permanent residents and a fantastic pool which we used several times.


Whilst on the Central Coast we said goodbye to a few friends including Renee (who made the most delicious lunch for us.  Renee also wanted me to make special mention of us parking our 14m rig outside her house on a very steep slope and then reversing the rig all the way back down the road after lunch!), Louise & Steve (thank you Louise for my awesome facial!!), Kylie & Kevin (great catching up and seeing the boys after all this times) and Lenora & Brendan (yummy dinner behind the girls scout hall with 3 trillion cicada’s).  Was very sad to say goodbye to such great friends, hopefully they will all go travelling next year and visit us (hint hint).


Me and Lenora


Jakayla, Emma and cheeky Rory

After the Central Coast we went via Sydney and dropped into our friend’s house in Killarney Heights.  Was great to see our friends, especially for Wayne’s birthday on the 14th.


Tracey, Adrian and Moi

We left Sydney headed for the Blue Mountains.  We found a lovely camp spot in Megalong Valley and stayed for two nights.  Was a bit cold, but very pretty in the rainforest.  The kids were not impressed with the long drop toilet, just one step up from digging a hole in the ground LOL.  Lots of German backpackers enjoying the quiet of the rainforest too.

Hmmm butter chicken...

Hmmm butter chicken…

IMG_20131215_171234_418We then had a lovely drive from the Blue Mountains heading towards Bathurst where we stocked up on some food. I love old cemeteries; we found one not far from Bathurst and stopped for a look.  The oldest tombstone was from a man born in 1770 in London and died in the area in 1850.


We stopped in at Heritage Park in Blaney, to the most amazing kid’s park.  It also had flushed toilets (yay!) and filtered drinking water, so we filled up all our containers.  We then headed to where we are staying now, Carcoar Dam, which is an hour south of Bathurst and about 340km from home!  What a gorgeous place!  Not only is it free, it has toilets (a bit of a walk away) and the dam is fresh water.  We can’t drink it, but we can certainly wash clothes, bodies and dishes with it.  We have enjoyed swimming, kayaking and looking at the giant wind turbines across the water.

IMG_20131217_185311_761Wayne got the generator running and I did some clothes washing.  It’s lovely and warm here and a nice breeze so I did a few hours worth of washing!


Our set up on one of the many slopes

Our set up on one of the many slopes


The most amazing photo I think I have ever taken. This is part of the dam taken at dusk last night.

Next stop: Canberra!


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  1. Hiya honey bunnies…. Love the pics. We should have got some when you were here. You forgot to mention Wayne’s skillful reverse driving down the hill. I thought that should have made news for sure! Love the washing machine… I can’t quite believe that you would take a washing machine… Very mod con xx

    Oh, I want some more pics of your hair please… back, sides and all that. I love it.

    • I have updated the blog with you (sorry i knew i would damn well forget someone!!!) and our little journey backwards down your road LOL. Sooooo glad that went well i tell ya xx

  2. Looking good so far, Blue Mountains seemed peaceful. Hope you had a lovely Christmas my friend, xxx

    • Blue Mountains were peaceful and so pretty. Christmas was great, glad we got to spend the day with family. Chat soon xxx

  3. Enjoy your travels! It’s great we can read about your adventures on here as you go! Travel safe!! Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures! Caroline Tye xx