Home and sale of truck & van

After leaving Bowraville we visited my dear friend Sandy and her lovely partner Craig for a couple of days.  They live on a gorgeous farm and we all had such a wonderful time, thanks so much for letting us stay guys!

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Our last night on the road was spent in Stroud at the Stroud showground.  It poured the whole time we were there but were lucky enough to find shelter for the truck and van so I was able to cook our last travelling meal in the camp oven (i tried to make it a bit more special).



We arrived home on Monday the 12th January just after lunch. The kids are thrilled to be home and see their friends and were so excited to open all their boxes with toys, it was nearly like Christmas for them!

We dropped into the real estate to pick up our keys and were shocked how difficult it was to find parking in our home area (Toronto) with the van.  We honestly had not had that much trouble looking for a park anywhere else in Australia!  So after getting the keys we heading home and were very glad to see how clean the house was (from the tenants).  In fact we think they got a professional cleaning company in.

Opening the rooms under the house (at the back of the garage) that held all our furniture and boxes was very daunting.  Wayne and I had thoughts of locking them back up, turning around and heading off again lol.

The kids are settling in great, they love being back at school and seeing all their friends again.  I have sure enjoyed catching up with my parents and friends, slowly but surely getting around to seeing everyone.

I miss travelling and being somewhere different (nearly) every day and the excitement of what is coming up next.  I miss seeing the beautiful surroundings and going for walks or swims.  I even miss travelling around in the truck!

I love being home for running water, a flushed toilet, electricity and having my car back (i missed my yellow rocket).  I feel im so much more careful with money since coming back, since i didnt have a job to come back to i am currently looking for some part time work so i am making sure we arent spending up too big yet.  Luckily Wayne is starting to get back into the building side of things.

Thanks to everyone who has read the blog/website and left comments.  What an amazing year we had last year and our map has been put up in our study so we can view it and reminisce.


We have decided, after much thought, to sell our truck and van.  Here are the links to our sale ads if you or anyone you know might be interested.  Thank you and au revior!!!

VAN: https://www.quicksales.com.au/ad/20737679


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