Kyneton to Mount Gambier

Hello! We are having lots of fun on our adventures, and looking back i was happy to see just how much we are fitting into our days. The one thing we love to do is visit Op-shops, its like visiting a museum and we always manage to walk out with something.  Wayne has been the most successful, with designer label long sleeve tops between $2-$8 being purchased.  Im not going too bad but really enjoy looking!!!

Schoolwork is getting more organised and I am certainly getting a better grasp on things (thankfully!!!).  We are getting into a routine of school work first thing in the morning and then making the most of our day (click to enlarge any photo).


Nearly every school day has a different location and outlook!



So far February has been a fun month.  We arrived in Kyneton on the 1st and found a wonderful free camp spot near a local park.  We especially enjoyed swimming in the local pool for the afternoon as it hit 40C that day!



Next stop was Burrumbeet where we stayed in the local caravan park.  It was a stinker of a day, i think the hottest day so far on our trip.  Unfortunately no shade, but power so the air con was working hard.  Wayne even put a sprinkler on top of our roof to try and cool things down.  We left the van at the park while visiting Ballarat, which was about 20mins away.  I love Ballarat, what a fantastic big (little) city.


43C at 5pm, glad we found a sprinkler


Hmmm gotta start setting an alarm in the morning!


Missy the Bullmastiff X

We left Burrumbeet on the 5th and had a long drive through lots of Victorian countryside.  The one thing we have noticed on our travels through Victoria is the horrible state of the roads!  Long drives are hard work on the truck, van and us so we were pleased to arrive at Mt Eccles National Park for the night.  We were the only people there and had lots of fun going on walks and counting all the kangaroos.


We had Mt Eccles NP to ourselves!

After a peaceful sleep and some school work we headed towards Portland and visited Cape Nelson and Cape Bridgewater to view the amazing windturbines, the Petrified Forest and blow holes.

IMG_20140206_170053_900We had a destination in mind, but got a little lost, so ended up sleeping the night in a pine plantation near Nelson.  I was a little dubious about sleeping in the middle of nowhere, but it was quite lovely and very very quiet at night.  Kangaroos were everywhere and probably wondering what we were doing!


A bit eerie but lovely and quiet

Wayne has a family friend who lives in Nelson, so the next morning he phoned Harvey to see if he was still in the area and wondering if we could pop in for a visit.  Not only was Harvey and family still in Nelson, he very kindly invited us to sleep next door to his aeroplane hanger for a couple of nights.  The kids absolutely loved it and enjoyed playing for hours underneath and around the planes, what a great experience for them.  I lost a bit of sleep though thanks to several possums deciding that dancing on our roof would be fun.  I freaked out thinking someone was outside trying to get into our van, but no it was only possums.  The second night it lightly rained, so not only were they trying to run on the roof, they were also trying not to slide off it LOL.  What a racket!!!

Thanks so much Harvey and Heather for letting us stay!


The van had lovely company for the night


Still safely on the ground 🙂


Coco the cute puppy!!!!


Sunset over the hanger

The next morning we drove across the border and visited Ewen Ponds.  Wayne was the only one brave enough to go for a snorkel, the water was freezing!  But what an amazing place for scuba divers!


Beautiful place to snorkel but a bit too cold for me and the kids

IMG_20140209_103313_773We arrived at Mt Gambier after lunch and set up at the showgrounds for a few nights.   The grounds have some lovely caretakers who were so friendly and we felt perfectly safe leaving our van there to go for a drive around ‘The Mount’.  We also found the local library excellent, and had a great time conducting our school lessons there. We really enjoyed visiting the Blue Lake which really should be called stunning blue or something else as the colour was out of this world.  Apparently it is only this colour from November to March, so we were lucky to see it in all its glory.


The stunning Blue Lake

We also visited the Umpherston Sinkhole, a gorgeous sunken garden that we enjoyed walking around in.IMG_20140212_151802_211Whilst camping at the showground, i noticed some kids about 4 vans up from us.  So Wayne took Jakayla and Rory over for a visit to see if the kids were about the same age.  Not only were they similar ages, this was a travelling family going around Australia for a year and learning via distant education!  They also hail from Warners Bay!!  We were amazed and thrilled to meet the Gullivers and hope to camp with them again on our journey.


Sam, Emma, Jakayla, Rory and Joel

They must have thought we were nice enough, they came with us to Carpenter Rocks after our stay at Mt Gambier!!  We all had a great couple of days spending time together, the kids didnt get much school work done but I was thrilled to have them play with little people their own age.  We enjoyed a campfire both nights and the kids all loved going to bed late.  We look forward to seeing you again soon Simon and Kim.


Our vans getting cosy together


This is BJ, there is always a dog happy to have their photo taken with the kids!

Next stop is Naracoorte!


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  1. Hello Jakayla and Rory your holiday seems to be going really well.We miss you very much.
    Love from you bff Milena.

    I hope we can skype very soon from Ruby.

    Your pictures are great and your adventures sound so good the kids are loving reading about your travels. Luv From Lou

    • Thanks guys! Sorry, just found your message in my spam folder but anymore will go straight through to my approved comments. The joys of websites and lots of spam everyday. Skype sounds good, will let you know when we are near a library or maccas (for free wifi). Thanks for your message it was lovely to hear from you all. Take care 🙂