Moving Gypsy’s, 4 December 2013

We left home Thursday 21 November after a very  busy week cleaning and finishing the packing.  I was exhausted, both mentally and physically.

We said goodbye to our home after lunch on Thursday and took our new home on wheels down to the local park where we set up.  I went and picked the kids up from school and luckily it was a hot sunny afternoon, so Wayne took them for a swim while I walked down to the shops to get some sausages for dinner.  It’s been a busy but interesting time.

We have stayed in a few places, here we stayed at a local carpark/oval.  We even had some kids come over thinking we were a food truck, hoping to buy some food LOL


Food truck open for business!


Rory loved playing with his cars on the (horse) ramp

We love staying at Dobell Park in Wangi.  We got married here 10 years ago and I have  been bringing the kids here for a play for many years.


Not a bad view from the bedroom window

van stickers

Stickers we have made for the back of the van. It’s not a horse float!!!!

Last weekend we went to Port Macquarie for the distant education orientation day. We met all the teachers and the parents got a run down on how it all works.  It’s amazing what these teachers can and will do.  I am nervous about it, but also excited it all the things we will be doing.  I loved our little set up in Port at a local caravan park…

The kids playing in the pool, look Jakayla can walk on water!!!



Rory spent hours playing with Wayne’s hammer and some yellow plastic pegs.

We had a lovely time catching up with friends on Friday night, Sharyn and Chris.  My kids even went for a swim in the rain!!  But due to the damn rain, our rig got bogged!  Thankfully a neighbour with a 4WD helped us out of the pickle… Sorry about your lawn Sharyn!!

We went up to Macksville to meet up with Linda, Leafy and all the boys.  Wayne had fun on the catapult and the kids enjoyed an hour’s long fishing lesson.  Jakayla even won a $100 kids fishing rod in the raffle!!!

We are back in Wangi now until the 10th of December, when we leave for the Central Coast.

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