Our expenses for the year (Dec 2013 to Dec 2014)

Wayne has been keeping a tab of our expenses for the trip. We wanted to let people see (especially those who are about to travel) our general cost of living, all the hidden costs and also all the bills still to be paid back home.

Our home costs:

We own our home back in Lake Macquarie, NSW and have tenants paying a weekly rent. Involved in that was pest & weed spraying, a new bathroom tap and the unexpected cost of a new hot water service, $2330.

We have also had to pay council rates, water rates, mail re-direction cost, and house insurance $2950.

If we had our chance again, it would have been nice to sell up before going BUT the two problems with that is its harder to sell your house than rent for a specific date and you still have storage fees for house contents unless you are lucky to have Uncle Ernie with a large shed and spare room.

Now for the cost of actual travelling:

Average cost for groceries, caravan park fees, national park fees, camping fees, entertainment (e.g. museums, attractions, low priced tours etc.) $390 per week. We freedom or low cost camp as much as possible and absolutely refuse to pay for caravan parks over $40 per night (including kids) and let us add that’s not very often anyway. We don’t eat out much, we don’t waste too much money on take away, but like to treat ourselves to good quality meat/food at the supermarket or butchers (that we cook ourselves).

Larger attractions/tours e.g. Great Barrier Reef tour etc. $1200. We had put aside some money for fun adventures but found a lot were very very expensive so we have only really been on a few larger cost tours.

We drive a 2011 Hino light truck that weighs approx. 4 tonne and we tow a custom made toy hauler/caravan (Wayne fitted out everything himself except the shell) that weighs approx. 2.8 tonne. Whilst driving, we average 80km/h, we find this speed suits us for comfort, safety and economy.

We average 19.5 litres per 100kms. We have travelled approx. 30,000kms (Dec 13 to Dec 14) using $9,970 in diesel.   Prices for diesel have varied from $2.00 per litre (the most we have paid in outback NT) to $1.40 in southern towns. We haven’t split this into a weekly amount as you travel different distances every week; in one week we spent $1000 on diesel, other weeks we might spend only $100 on diesel.

We have spent on the vehicles (service & repairs & new tyres including three new leaf springs and an A frame strengthening on the van) $5,030. Vehicle upgrades included a solar panel and new portaloo $670.

Cost for rego, green slip and insurance for the Hino truck was $2880.

Caravan insurance p/y $804

NRMA top cover $300

Telstra (2 x mobiles including data costs) $1980. A necessary evil as we of course wanted to keep in touch with family/friends, both enjoy using our data (which we increased for extra cost) for surfing the net including Facebook, Wikicamps (essential app as far as we are concerned!!). We also needed data for schooling.

Incidentals (personal things that were paid for while travelling e.g. Wayne’s Builders Licence, ambulance cover, distance education fees, website fees etc. but should be taken into account for) approx. $3000 for the year.  Nothing is free.

Therefore, (drum roll)……averaging out our yearly expenses, it calculates at $988 per week.


If we think of anything else we will edit this.  Any questions, please leave a comment below.


Our expenses for the year (Dec 2013 to Dec 2014) — 9 Comments

  1. Hey guys,
    It sounds very expensive but what amazing memories you have created for your kids and yourselves. What a gutsy effort to have undertaken what you have – very proud of you guys and impressed!!! Anyone can save for a cruise or overseas holiday but not many would be able to commit to what you have done ( that includes me lol).
    Hope to see you when you get back home.
    Maria xx

  2. What brilliant information to have. Thank you very,uch for sharing. We are a few years off our big lap, but this is the first information I have found about actual costs!

  3. Thank you so much. We are planning to do this leaving next May and this gives us a heads up on what we will need to save. Thank you again this is awesome.

    • This was OUR budget but im so glad if it helped you in anyway. Some people can do it cheaper than this of course and others spend a lot more. We each have our own journey. Have fun next year, its an amazing experience 🙂

  4. Wow! That’s more than I would have thought but really when it comes down to it, sooo worth it I’m sure. Can I just ask how old your kids are and how you find the distance ed schooling? I’m thinking of travelling with mine (5 and 6 now but probably wait until 7 and 8) but worried their schooling.

    You’ve done an amazing job keeping track of everything.

    • It was more than we thought too LOL, so was interesting to add it all up. Keep a diary in your car and update it daily with all the money spent. THEN work out all the hidden costs that are still being spent back home. It all adds up, nothings free that’s for sure!! Our kids are 7 and 9 and we really enjoyed distant education, we also had a fantastic teacher. They do say one hour of your time is the same as a week of a teachers time, so its sure worth it. They do learn heaps on the road and become better little humans for it too 🙂