Spring has Sprung!

Wayne and I are starting to sell a few items on Gumtree and slowly cleaning out our huge garage.  Gumtree has been quite successful so far.

The kids are now completely enrolled in their new school next year, the North East Public School.  We have orientation day in November sometime, where we will travel up to Port Macquarie and meet the staff and teachers, will be very exciting.

We are slowly closing our business down and Wayne will be a sole contractor soon.  New business cards needed!  Speaking of business cards, I had some personal cards made up to hand out to people we meet on the road and also all our friends and family back home will know our details.  Here is the card I had made using my own photo:

We are also getting ready for our next short trip where we are heading to Tea Gardens with some friends and also camping elsewhere for a few days (not sure of location yet).

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