The rest of WA, The Nullarbor and Eyre Peninsula

It has been a long time since my last update, we have been so busy and have been doing so much I’m afraid I had to put this on the bottom of the list!   We have done so much in the last two months, here is a condensed version of where we have been. My Facebook page (Family Travels) has updates regularly.


Visited Northampton and arrived in Geraldton where Wayne went kayaking at St George Beach and was pursued by a great white shark! He hit it on the head with his paddle which finally deterred it enough for Wayne to reach shore safe but freaked out!

Starting to reach the wheat belt now with wildflowers everywhere. Visited Mullewa and walked the John Hawes Heritage Trail. Camped at the beautiful town of Canna.


IMG_20140917_142826_474 IMG_20140917_120432_201 IMG_20140917_115302_644

IMG_20140929_141005_372 IMG_20140930_124314_957

Visited Mingenew and Dongara/Port Denison. Camped at Cliff Head.

IMG_20140901_180545_955 IMG_20140901_180702_120

Green Head with ultra-white sand dunes and then drove through Jurien Bay and stayed in Moora for the night.

Went on a tour of New Norcia where there is an old Monastery, loved it here.

IMG_20140929_114323_258 IMG_20140929_113121_064 IMG_20140929_112611_701 IMG_20140929_111948_101 IMG_20140929_111623_600 IMG_20140929_111526_698


Stayed at Bindoon which had a fantastic Op-shop.

Drove out to York, lots of beautiful old buildings and a fantastic old gaol and museum. Also provided free camping with power, what a wonderfully friendly RV town it is.


Went out about 30mins east of York to WhiteGum campground and had a lovely stay there.


Arrived in Perth, shocked to be in so much traffic after travelling in the countryside for so long! Got our truck serviced, so took the loan car for a scoot around Perth. Stayed with my brother-in-laws family which was lovely. Visited Bon Scott’s grave.


Drove through Freemantle and stopped for lunch. Headed to Rockingham for a look around at the nice beaches.

Arrived in Mandurah, a very large town. Stayed with friends we met at Broome (Ben & Dot the ice cream people!). Kids loved it, it was like seeing their Nan and Pop.   Dot took us around to all the op shops and it was so wonderful to have some home cooked meals and use a shower.


Drove east to Pinjarra and then enjoyed the scenery of Dwellingup and Marrinup (all the ‘up’ places and there are lots down this way. Apparently means water in Aboriginal).

PA250132 PA220122 PA160095 PA160087 PA160081 PA150070 PA150057 PA070053

Enjoyed a day in Bunbury, another large town. I really enjoyed Bunbury, it’s a lovely beachside town.


Payed a visit to see all the gnomes at Gnomesville at Wellington.

IMG_20141019_092104_744 IMG_20141019_091617_749 IMG_20141019_091418_778 IMG_20141019_091223_759 IMG_20141019_090633_073 IMG_20141019_090601_531 IMG_20141019_090427_528 IMG_20141019_092127_457 IMG_20141019_093709_931 IMG_20141019_094051_754


Camped within a forest of jarrah at Potters Gorge.

IMG_20141016_144203_309IMG_20141020_083416_095 IMG_20141021_141243_898 IMG_20141020_083249_297 IMG_20141021_141931_164

Played at the Apple Fun Park in Donnybrook, lunch at Dunsborough and visited the Lighthouse at Cape Naturaliste.

IMG_20141024_142748_569 IMG_20141024_141936_526


Had a lovely visit to Meelup Beach where we sneakily snuck into the bush and slept the night to the sound of waves crashing and waking up to million dollar views.

IMG_20141025_063016_183 IMG_20141025_062404_143 IMG_20141024_151026_980-1IMG_20141024_151026_980

Drove through Yallingup and had a wonderful time at the Yallingup Shearing Shed. Afterwards we arrived in Cowaramup (Cow Town where there are dozens of giant fake cows placed all over the town, its fantastic) where we visited Canal Rocks, The Candy cow, The Chocolate Factory, The Silk Farm, Margaret River Nougat Company and Cheeky Monkey Brewery. Met a local in Cowaramup and we were able to free camp behind the Men’s Shed for a few days. Sure Margaret River is lovely but the outside towns are much more interesting and inviting.   Enjoyed a quiet ale at the Cowaramup Brewery.

IMG_20141025_153935_009 IMG_20141026_160318_854 IMG_20141026_113338_581 IMG_20141026_091128_660 IMG_20141025_151232_380


IMG_20141025_115553_144 IMG_20141025_113937_701 IMG_20141025_113915_829 IMG_20141025_111629_921 IMG_20141025_111121_480 IMG_20141025_110904_348 IMG_20141025_101708_219


Drove through Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park with all the magnificent giant gum trees lining the road. Went to Hamelin Bay where stingrays swim amongst swimmers. Stayed the night at Belinda Park!!!

IMG_20141028_142149_784 IMG_20141028_154640_839


Nice drive towards Pemberton where we visited Beedelup Falls, the Gloucester Tree, the Cascades and the Bicentennial Tree. Wayne of course climbed right to the top of these trees (highest was 65m). These trees used to be used for fire spotting, now they are for tourists to climb up. Spent a few days enjoying this area.

IMG_20141030_153042_214 IMG_20141030_131839_326 IMG_20141030_130112_947 IMG_20141030_123304_439 IMG_20141030_104944_543IMG_20141030_170033_768 PA300232 PA300215 PA300206 PA300205 PA300199PA300224 PA300222



Stayed at a place called Reelmein (Reel Me In). So cheap with flushed toilets, hot showers and lovely rain water to fill up our tanks with.

Visited the Giant Tingle Trees of Wadpole and walked amongst the Valley of the Giants. Drove to Elephant Rock and walked in the refreshing waters around these amazing rocks.

IMG_20141104_145512_017 IMG_20141104_150009_913

PB040286 PB040277 PB040273 PB040269

Arrived in Albany, another large town. Visited the ANZAC Centre and memorial where they had just finished a week of ANZAC tributes. We all enjoyed our tour of the Brig Amity, an exact replica of the original ship that brought the first white settlers to Albany in 1826. Also visited Dog Rock and all the other wonderful sites of Albany.


PB060299 IMG_20141106_151927_818 IMG_20141105_142637_202 IMG_20141105_133156_696


Long drive towards Ravensthorpe and had our fist really hot day in a long time, reached 33C (my nose even started to bleed, I wasn’t used to such hot dry heat!!). Drove onto Esperance and stayed at The Yabby Farm, another privately owned camp like Reelmein that the local councils are trying to shut down. I don’t think councils realise that long term travellers cannot afford caravan parks all the time and if it wasn’t for cheaper alternatives, we wouldn’t stay as long as we do in towns and spend our money!!! If it wasn’t for the Yabby Farm, we would have stayed in Esperance for only a day which would have been a shame as the beaches here are out of this world gorgeous (even on a very cold windy day).   Here we camped with the Gulliver’s (whom we met in Mount Gambier back in early February, they are from Lake Macquarie). When we arrived there was another van here and it belonged to Chris and his girls (whom we met in Kalbarri and are from Wyong) and Ronnie & Tracey (whom we met back in early January at the end of the Snowy Mountains) who happened to be in the area too!!! Such a small world. If only Jim, Jo & Arid were with us, it would have been a lovely reunion!!! Another lovely family whom are also travelling with kids and live 30mins from us back in Newcastle, were also camping there so between us there were quite a few kids running around and having a fab time. All long term travellers doing distant education.


Whilst in Esperance we drove around and visited Twilight Beach which is just stunning (even in a storm!).

IMG_20141113_112022_454 IMG_20141113_111526_603 IMG_20141113_111018_348 IMG_20141113_110137_736PB130311 PB130306 PB130312

Time to head up to Norseman after our stay and then east along the Nullarbor. I had concerns about this road, it’s so long I wasn’t sure what to expect, but other than the boredom it was a fairly uneventful drive that Wayne and I shared the driving on. Lots of school work completed with us taking turns with a child in the backseat doing maths or reading. There are hundreds of free stops on the Nullarbor to stop and rest or sleep in. Overall the drive from Esperance to Ceduna was 1403 kms and it took us 3 days and 2 nights to cross, along with two time zones! We went from 3hours behind to only 30mins behind! At Ceduna they have a quarantine check for fruit and vegies, but it was nowhere near as strict as the quarantine going INTO Western Australia. I made sure we had eaten or cooked all our vegies and fruit so we were fine. I am so glad we could take our 3 large tubs of WA honey that we had bought!!!

PB140314IMG_20141114_182705_792 IMG_20141115_101139_473 IMG_20141114_135353_626

I really enjoyed the stunning views of the Great Australian Bight the most.

PB150331 PB150329 PB150327 PB150325


We are now travelling on the Eyre Peninsula which is still part of the Bight as seen by these stunning coastlines.

PB180400 PB180391 PB180384 PB180381


These rocks are part of Murphy’s Haystacks in a place called Mortana.  Aren’t they unreal!

PB180371 PB180368 PB180367 PB180363 PB180355

More gorgeous views of the Eyre Peninsula around the Streaky Bay area.

PB180353 PB180349 PB180341 PB180340 PB180338 PB180333


Next stop is Port Lincoln.



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